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Unlock the Future of Education with Academica ERP, a cutting-edge cloud-based school management service designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of educational administration. From student enrollment to grade management, communication, and beyond, Academica ERP is your one-stop solution for a seamlessly integrated academic experience.

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Satisfied Customers

“ Academica has transformed the way we manage our school. It's saved us time, improved communication, and helped us personalize learning for each student. ”

Albert OCD

Principal, Mount Carmel School, Dhupguri

"As a small school, every penny counts. Academica surprised us with its cost-effectiveness. We ditched our old, clunky software and saved significantly on licensing and maintenance. Plus, paper, printing, and postage costs plummeted thanks to online forms and reports. The money we saved is going directly back into resources for our students, and that's the best kind of win-win."

Andrew Edwin

Principal, Holy Family School, Nuta

"We always knew some students were falling through the cracks, but it was hard to pinpoint who needed extra support. Academica's AI analysis changed everything. Now, we get early warnings for students at risk, and personalized learning recommendations let us tailor support for each child. Their grades are improving, and their confidence is soaring! Academica is a game-changer for both students and teachers."

Michael Jacob

Principal St. Francis de Sales School

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